Who We Are

The Getting Ready for Employment and Training (GREAT) Project is a free service designed to give members of families, who are not currently employed, the support they need to find work or training opportunities.

What is the GREAT Project?

The GREAT Project is a service run by a range of statutory, not-for-profit and private companies. This partnership approach means that we can offer a holistic, person-centred service, which is tailored to each family’s unique needs.

What You'll Receive

As a participant on the project, you’ll have access to a variety of sessions that will help you on your way to achieve your career goals. You’ll work closely with your Employment Support Officer to create a plan that’s right for you and they will be your guide whilst you’re on the project. The tailored plan will be unique to any individual barriers you might face, including mental or physical health.

How We Do It

The GREAT Project provides individuals with a variety of interactive sessions and workshops that focus on different skills needed for the working environment. Participants can also make use of the free childcare available at some of these sessions. There’s a variety of industry tours and work placement opportunities available, which are ideal for participants to get an inside look into differing industries. Participants can also be offered work placements, which often lead to an interview. Ultimately, we hope that by building people’s skills and confidence, we’re able to help individuals get to a point where they feel ready to find work or training.