At the beginning of your journey, you’ll meet with your dedicated Employment Support Officer (ESO), to create a support plan that’s right for you. Your ESO will be your guide throughout the duration of your time on the project and they will be available to provide the help you need.

Our ESO’s often provide support with CV writing, job searching and travel training, but are on hand to offer guidance on other topics you may need help with.

Here's What Participants Said

I want to say thank you to my ESO, Anita. She was so easy to talk to and set so much up for me.
My mentor, my ESO, Diana, and my friend; she’s followed me, she’s taught me and she’s still giving me support even now with the job I’ve got.
Meeting with Harinder gave me a purpose and the belief that I was going to be okay. The project heard and understood me, and that meant the most.
Yachna is absolutely terrific - she has been a rock in my life and kept me going.
My ESO, Desrie, reassured me that I could do everything on the project at my own pace which encouraged me to do something and make a start.
Leah, my ESO, was fantastic with her support and assistance throughout the project - she helped me immensely in achieving my goal.