Urvish's story

Urvish hoped that joining the GREAT project would boost his confidence and result in employment. The unforeseen Covid 19 pandemic however, presented new challenges for him, including increased isolation.

Urvish initially joined the project in January 2020 after hearing about us through his friend. With the support of his Employment Support Officer Yachna, he began to develop his skills through a combination of 1-2-1 support and a Total Commitment Training course offered through our project.

This course enabled Urvish to develop his confidence by identifying his skills through interactive training and group challenges. It was here that he met other project participants based across Leicestershire with similar goals.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Urvish recalls how his day-to-day life changed drastically:

“it stopped me going out for walks and meeting up with my friends and spending time with other family members.”

As the lockdown restrictions increased, it became harder for him to maintain a support network beyond the front door.

Although the project’s face-to-face activities were placed on hold during lockdown, Urvish remained in contact with Yachna and the other GREAT participants he’d met previously over the phone. The GREAT participants created a Whatsapp group to maintain regular contact throughout the pandemic. This enabled Urvish to build better project friendships and support his, and other’s wellbeing.

When Yachna learned of the group, she was thrilled that the participants had remained in contact against the odds:

“When I heard about the Whatsapp group – I thought it was a good idea because it gives people that support network.”

When the GREAT project’s online workshops officially launched in June, Urvish was keen to get involved. Staying in regular contact with other participants through technology helped him to master Zoom and attend 4 of our workshops to date. With the support of our project, staff and participants, Urvish is looking forward to the future and continuing to achieve his goals, irrespective of Covid 19.