Kieran's Story

Before joining the GREAT project, Kieran lived at home with his parents and three children. Kieran wanted support to find employment but needed help to overcome multiple barriers including anxiety, lack of confidence and social skills.


“I needed to have support, connect with the community, and wanted to be more independent.”


Kieran was referred to the GREAT Project by his family child development support officer, through Leicester City Council. He was highly dependent on his parents, relying on them for transport as Kieran suffered from anxiety around travelling alone. He met with his Employment Support Officer (ESO), Harinder, to talk through his requirements and the barriers he faced and she put together a bespoke plan for Kieran. With Harinder’s support and encouragement he attended travel training, gradually enabling him to become more confident about travelling independently.

Additionally, Kieran attended Work Club, thriving on the group activities. During the sessions he received support with his CV, cover letters, interview skills and how to job search efficiently.

Determined to achieve his goal to become more independent, confident and learn what opportunities were open to him, Kieran also attended an employability interviews skills workshop. This session covers how to look for interviews, preparing for them and learning from past experiences, finishing with a mock interview.

Being with others in a similar situation as Kieran made him feel less isolated. Over a 3 month period, his confidence grew, overcoming his shyness in group activities and becoming more independent.

Putting all the skills he’d learnt while on the GREAT Project into practice, Kieran completed his first job application and was invited for interview. Kieran was delighted when he was offered a customer service role as a hospitably host at this local cinema. Overcoming many challenges including a lack of confidence to achieve his employment goal.

Talking about what he’s achieved on the GREAT Project, Kieran said:


“I now feel very proud to have achieved my first job role, for taking the initiative to follow up on my passion and interest in cinema and film. The GREAT project has been fun, I’ve enjoyed meeting people and had a great experience.”


Harinder his Employment Support Officer said:


“I’ve seen a remarkable transformation in Kieran. He went from being an isolated, anxious young person to one who now travels independently, interacting with a wide range of individuals and independently putting into practice the skills he learned on the GREAT Project. I was thrilled with his progress and success in securing his first job as a hospitality host in a leading local cinema franchise.”