Now more than ever, it's important to immerse yourself in activities that can help you unwind, relax and find some form of calm. Sometimes knowing what to do can be difficult, which is exactly why we asked members of our team to share what they do to find some inner peace.

Introducing #GREATWayTo…

two vases upcycled by Team Manager Chantal

A #GREATWayTo Upcycle

How Team Manager Chantal upcycles homeware.

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colouring sheet for Play Day 2020

A #GREATWayTo Play

How family playtime can help kids and adults express and grow.

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A #GREATWayTo Bullet Journal

How bullet journaling helps one of our Employment Support Officers, Yachna.

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A #GREATWayTo Cycle

How cycling helps one of our Employment Support Officers, Anita.

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A #GREATWayTo Walk

How walking helps our Finance Officer, Liv.

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A #GREATWayTo Bake

How baking helps our Team Manager, Chantal.

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A #GREATWayTo Relax

How classic ways to relax at home helps our Project Administrator, Chris.

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#GREATWayTo Keep Active

How keeping active helps our Employment Support Officer, Desrie.

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A #GREATWayTo Colour

How colouring helps our Data and Impact Analyst, Muriel.

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