A #GREATWayTo Walk

How walking helps our Finance Officer, Liv.

Hello! I’m Liv and I have just joined as a Finance Officer for the GREAT Project. Going for long walks is a way I like to unwind.

Most days I am sitting at my desk, therefore I always love to exercise at the end of the day by taking a long walk and this has become part of my daily routine. Going for walks allows me to clear my head, boosts my mood and allows me to process my thoughts. This is all in addition to the many physical benefits!

A good way of tracking my walks and keeping myself motivated is tracking my steps, I always aim to do 10,000 a day as this is the recommended amount. I am able to track this on my phone by taking my phone with me on the walk but there are also apps that you can download that can do this as well.

I would recommend anyone starting to begin with a short walk that you are comfortable with and over time gradually increase the distance. You could also take shorter 10-15-minute walks and separate them throughout the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). It also helps to look for a walking route near your home or look for a scenic place to walk (in my instance a big park!)

Happy walking!

Liv x