A #GREATWayTo Upcycle

As we continue to spend more time at home, creating a positive environment in the house is becoming increasingly important. One way of achieving this is to buy decorative items – but imagine if you could achieve this on a budget – and help the environment too. Great Project team manager is on hand to help with some handy upcycling tips….

Giving items you already have a makeover doesn’t just help you to refresh your environment – it can also be a fun activity to do whilst at home. Recently Chantal, gave two vases a new lease of life by painting and decorating them. She achieved this by transforming some red vases into a more modern look by using some spray paint, twine and lavender from the garden. She has also started reusing candle wax for ornamental candles – which – with a new wick and some essential oils for fragrance can reduce waste too!

However you decide to redecorate – always remember to keep children and pets safe during upcycling activities and around the items you create.