A #GREATWayTo Relax

How classic ways to relax at home helps our Project Administrator, Chris.

Hi, my name is Chris and I’m the Administrator for the GREAT Project. At the moment I am continuing to work from home during the week, which means I only need to find stuff to do to pass the time and relax on a weekday evening and at the weekend.  As we have been advised to stay at home I am doing a variety of activities in my house to stop myself getting bored.

I was fortunate to recently get NOW TV entertainment and cinema passes for a couple of months for really cheap, as I was emailed special offers.  I went through the complete lists of movies and TV shows available to watch and made a note of those I would to watch over the coming weeks.  I am working my way through them and will usual watch either a movie or a couple of episodes of comedy series each day.

I love getting cheap board games and books from charity shops and as I have a few books I have still not read before, I have started working through them and spend about an hour an evening reading.  I might also play one of the board games each day and I rotate through the games I have available to stop myself getting bored of playing the same one too much.

There are also a few jobs that I have not previously got round to doing in my house and garden and so I have started to tick these off.  This week I have done one garden task each evening, such as pruning a hedge and fixing a tatty fence panel.  My home is quite cluttered, so I am slowly working round each room of the house and tidying up the cupboards and drawers and moving somethings to a more sensible location.  On a weekday these tasks make me feel like I have achieved something other than just working.

By doing a combination of the above activities each day, I easily fill my free time and feel relaxed and a continued sense of achievement.

Share your favourite book, board game or tv show with us! Just use #GREATWayTo and we’ll be sure to see it.