A #GREATWayTo Read

Employment Support Officer Ellie tells us about her reignited love for reading.

Hello I’m Ellie, I recently joined as an Employment Support Officer with the Great Project. This year I’ve reignited my love for reading.


As a child I used to read all the time but as I got older I went for years without picking up a book, finding moments in the day to read (even if it’s just 5 minutes) really relaxes me I love getting lost in a gripping story.

Using social media, I’ve also created my own book club within my local area, this has been a fantastic way to meet new people and keep up my motivation to read, we meet once a month to discuss our book of choice. Other social media outlets such as bookstagram have inspired me to read and have been a creative outlet.

Reading doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby, I re-joined my library and was blown away by how many current and popular books were available not only do they have books you can loan but audio books, magazines, newspapers etc. When buying books I’ve found some great finds second hand in charity shops.

As the nights grow colder and darker it’s the perfect time to get cosy and curl up with a book. Let us know what you are reading by using #GREATWayTo

Happy Reading!