A #GREATWayTo play

How playing at home can help both kids and adults express and relax.

On Wednesday 5th of August it was Play Day, an event led by Playday UK to raise awareness of the importance of giving children and teenagers the freedom to play and have everyday adventures. As well as celebrating children’s right to play, the Playday 2020 campaign recognised the impact of government restrictions and physical distancing on children’s mental health and opportunities to play freely with friends and in their community.

The GREAT project celebrated the day by creating a fun colouring sheet and set of exercises to help ignite the imaginations of young minds and their families at home. The resource was designed by our Communications Officer Sarah, who finds drawing and colouring a therapeutic means of expression and having fun:

“Colouring helps me to focus on non-stressful things. It’s also an accessible way to keep busy when at home! It was the same when I was growing up – art is a great means of expression for kids of various ages.”

See below for a copy of the colouring sheet and accompanying guidance.

GREAT designs:

For play day today, we want you to design our virtual office! Just print off the picture below, decorate the office and then send back to us: info@greatproject.org.uk

  1. The GREAT team need to know what time it is! Can you fill out the wall clock?
  2. We’d love a nice view for our virtual office! Add in an outdoor view for us!
  3. We could do with a nice picture on the wall! Can you draw us something?
  4. The office looks like it could do with a bit of decoration…..can you colour it in for us?colouring sheet for Play Day 2020