A #GREATWayTo Keep Active

How staying active helps one of our Employment Support Officers, Desrie.

Hey everyone, I am Desrie. I am diabetic and I suffer with depression and anxiety. But I am also an Employment Support Officer on the GREAT Project. Having to stay at home indoors can become rather frustrating, and unfortunately, can become a slippery slope. However, being very aware of myself, this is the GREAT WAY I make every effort to stay positive.

I joined the GREAT Project on 1st May 2018. My health and well-being is my motivation for keeping active, I often enjoy being outside. However, working from home posed a new challenge; how am I going to keep well?

So looking around the house and garden, I realised that I could restore an old trampoline that was left to grow moss on it after it was damaged in high winds many years ago. Luckily, the trampoline legs were not too damaged, but the protective caging was bent, crooked and was not in a good shape to protect anyone jumping or falling. But with strength and determination, I managed to bend the bars back into shape. Feeling good about my achievement to restore its safety, all that was left to do was to scrub down the trampoline. This was not without its own challenges, as the trampoline is very porous and does not hold water to scrum it down. But it was a good workout, raising my heart beat, burning calories while giving it a good scrum.

The trampoline was clean and back in shape, so all that was left to do was jump. Jump and try out some tricks that I used to do as a child; jump and spin around, star jump, straddle jump, the highest jump and have as much fun as a child with joy and laughter!


Restoring the trampoline made me feel good to have accomplished a mini project that was long overdue. Jumping and being free to be as silly as I wanted. Being outside on the trampoline gave me freedom and it didn’t even feel like exercising, even with my heart pounding out of my chest and me trying to catch my breath. I have just restored a GREAT way to exercise, while having fun, and I cannot wait to find my new project around the house and garden!