A #GREATWayTo Cycle

How cycling helps one of our Employment Support Officers, Anita.

Hi my name is Anita and I’m an Employment Support Officer on the GREAT Project. Like a lot of people I learnt to ride a bike when I was a child. I wont lie, I did fall out of love with cycling when I hit adolescence but when I moved back to Leicestershire in 2016, I renewed my long lost relationship.

For me, being on my bike gives me a sense of freedom and a sense of peace, especially when I’m in beautiful surroundings, and those feelings have never been needed more than now. I am so glad we are allowed to get outside for some exercise, as I am doing this each afternoon. I don’t need to be close to anyone else while I am out and an added bonus is the roads are a lot quieter. I feel so relaxed once I am done and the added bonus is, I’m getting some exercise. I am hoping to increase my miles as I go (I am only managing 10 at the moment, but watch this space). The only problem I have is choosing which bike to go out on – after all, I do have 3!

Anita 🙂