I love living close by to some beautiful green spaces and canal paths, but one thing that I can’t stand is litter!

So I decided to buy myself a litter picker. It wasn’t expensive and I ordered it online. Now when I go for my daily walk I feel that I am able to give something back to my community and keep these spaces looking clean and tidy.

But litter not only looks untidy, it creates health hazards, can kill wildlife and is a threat to human safety.

A Keep Britain Tidy report highlighted that the top ten most littered items are:

  1. Smoking related litter
  2. Confectionery packs
  3. Soft drink bottles and cans
  4. Fast-food related
  5. Alcoholic drinks bottles and cans
  6. Packaging
  7. Snack packs
  8. Vehicle parts
  9. Discarded food and drink
  10. Clothing


Shocking when these are items that can easily be put into a bin, recycled or donated.

So here at The GREAT Project we are encouraging you to be more aware of how you discard of your rubbish and if you like, join us and share photos of your litter picks!