A #GREATWayTo Bullet Journal

How bullet journaling helps one of our Employment Support Officers, Yachna.

Hi! I’m Yachna and I’m one of the Employment Support Officers on the GREAT Project. I joined the GREAT Project in April 2018 and something I like to do to relax is bullet journaling.

I started bullet journaling in October 2017. I actually came across this online when I was looking for reading lists as this is something I enjoy. I have always loved stationary, buying new pens and books to write in and when I came across bullet journaling, I instantly wanted to try it. I was able to put my love for stationary to use, finally!

I did some research into bullet journaling and realised it can be whatever I wanted it to be. I was able to make it into a journal, diary, to do list, scrapbook and anything else I could think of! I loved that I could draw in it, stick stuff in there or keep it as simple as possible. I started off by using an old exercise book I had lying around at home and looked on Google and Pinterest for some ideas on how I can start my spreads.


The spread you can see in the photo is a title page for the month of April and 12 self-care tips which I listed to remind myself of little things I can do to make myself feel better.

Writing in my journal helps me to relax and sometimes off load any anxieties or thoughts which I may struggle to talk about. As I can get creative in my journal, and it is private to me, I feel very calm when I am writing in it.

Remember, you do not need to buy a fancy notebook or expensive pens to make your journal look pretty. I started with an old exercise book, pencil, ruler and a black biro pen.

Give it a go and share your pictures with us! Just use #GREATWayTo to share your pictures and we’ll be sure to see it 🙂

If you need any tips get in touch!

Yach x