A #GREATWayTo Bake

How baking helps our Team Manager, Chantal.

Hi, my name is Chantal and I am the Great Project Team Manager. I’ve been with the project since October 2017.

My second passion in life, after The Great Project of course, is my love of baking.

A love of baking runs in my family. My grandma was a keen baker and she passed this passion onto my mum who passed it onto me! When I was a child I was always helping out my mum in the kitchen with making cakes for our birthdays! This love of baking has grown over the years and I now regularly bake cakes for friends and family, Team Meetings and also just for me! I have even made cakes for friend’s weddings and baby showers.

The thing I love about baking is although I follow a strict recipe for baking the cake, the fun part is in the decoration! I never follow a guide to do this. I might have done some research online to get ideas but I tend to just wing it when it comes to the decoration and it (usually) turns out ok! This part of the baking experience really brings out my creative side and its fun!

Also you can’t beat the smell of a freshly baked cake and it certainly encourages visitors to my house once they know a freshly baked cake is on offer!

Baking can be a really simple thing to do and doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes the thought of getting all of the equipment and ingredients out can seem too much, but once I’ve got my music on in the background and my ‘Star Baker’ Apron on – I’m in my element! So I would encourage everyone to have a go – It’s a great activity to do with children and like I say it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Here’s some photos of my creations- Give it a go and share with us your creations. Just use #GREATWayTo to share your pictures and we’ll be sure to see it.

If you need any ideas get in touch!

Happy Baking!