Claire’s* Journey

Claire first heard about the GREAT Project employment support provision when she met a team member at the Charles Street Job Centre in Leicester.

The GREAT Project have had a long standing relationship with the Job Centre sites across Leicester City and the wider county. Operating collaboratively as a support network with the Job centres as a referral partner, working to the same objectives, to support out of work individuals such as Lisa into employment and training opportunities.

Claire, a single parent with two children, hadn’t worked for a long time and felt she lacked the relevant skills to get back into work. Therefore, she was interested to hear about the services available to her through the GREAT Project and any opportunities to improve her skills to obtain employment. Claire understood the benefits of being in employment and felt it was achievable for her but didn’t know the right steps to take.

She discussed with her Employment Support Officer, Rasheda about the workshops available to improve Claire’s confidence and build up her skills in order to achieve an employment outcome. However, when COVID-19 hit in March 2020 this halted Claire’s plans to partake in the sessions. The GREAT Project moved its provision online so participants were able to continue to receive the support they needed from the team.

Claire felt that anxiety was a major barrier to finding work, so she remotely attended a 3-day TCT (Total Commitment Training) course on confidence-building and found the course helped her overcome some of her anxiety. This intensive course is designed to build self-confidence and positive relationships whilst improving focus and self-awareness.

She received help from the Project’s Training Support Officer on CV writing, filling in job applications and interview skills to help combat her lack of skills. Finally, Claire also received support from GREAT’s delivery partner, Business in the Community. After completing the sessions, Claire felt she was taking steps in the right direction to finding employment as she was overcoming some of the lack of skills barriers she faced.

Claire commented:

I enjoyed my interaction with the staff of the GREAT Project. I felt I was supported and not left on my own.

Prior to joining the GREAT Project, Claire had applied for a role at Mcdonald’s but had been unsuccessful. With support from the GREAT Project, Claire submitted another application to the fast-food chain. Utilizing the skills she’d acquired from her Employment Support Officer and the wider GREAT team in her application and interview, she was delighted to be offered a position as a crew member at the fast-food chain.

Claire’s Employment Support Officer Rasheda comments:

It’s been great to see Claire’s confidence grow and for her to achieve her employment goal of securing a role at Mcdonald’s.

Claire reflects on her time with the GREAT Project:

I would definitely recommend to anyone, as the GREAT Project has lots of different support and workshop to help participants improve their life. My family is very proud of me that I have managed to get a job. Also, I wanted my son to be motivated by me and I wanted to set a good positive role model for him.

Congratulations to Claire from the GREAT team!

*pseudonym used