Urvish’s Story

With the GREAT Project's support, Urvish's confidence grew and he found the right job for him.

Participant Urvish joined the GREAT Project in 2020 hoping to get support into employment. He felt unconfident and wanted support from the GREAT project to improve and build on his skills.

During his time on the project, Urvish attended various sessions with our Training Support Officer Aarti including Confidence Building, STAR Techniques and Interview Skills in addition to accessing Health and Wellbeing Support.

Towards the end of his time on the project, Urvish attended the three day Total Commitment Training session and became friends with other participants in the group.

Since exiting the project, Urvish has kept in touch with our Training Support Officer Aarti and feels so much more motivated and happier since exiting the project into employment.

“The GREAT project has helped to change my life for the better, I had low confidence and wasn’t sure if I could get into employment, but they helped me to build confidence and realise that I have a lot of skills. Aarti and Yachna really helped me and I am so thankful to them and the project for all their support”.