World Book Day 2022

We certainly like a book here at the GREAT Project! To celebrate World Book Day this year, the GREAT team were asked for their current read or favourite book - from factual to gripping fiction, we have lots of suggestions for your next read.

Books are a little bit magical. Reading can invoke a plethora of emotions, it can be escapism that transports you to another world or it can give insight, knowledge and inspiration. The GREAT team shares their relationship with books and their favourite or current reads.


Reading is a huge passion of mine I have fond memories of going to the library as a child and picking out ten books each weekend. As I got older I stopped reading and recently fell back in love with it last summer. Now I’m always reading whenever I get the chance and in my spare time, I run a book club as well as creating content for my bookstagram. I love to find books second-hand and go to my library. Picking a favourite book is a hard choice to make but I would highly recommend Flowers for Algernon it’s such a beautiful book that was the first one to make me cry. Happy Reading Everyone!


This is the book I am reading at the minute called Beyond Possible by Nimsdai Purja. This book is based on a Netflix Documentary called 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible. The author Nims decided to take on 14 mountains all over 8000 metres above sea level in 7 months, the previous world record for attempting this took 8 years. The book tells you about his journey from serving with the Gurkhas to the UK Special Forces to leaving it all behind to take on this challenge.  This book is about belief, strength, resilience and how the impossible can become possible….I really enjoy reading and reading a chapter a night before bed as it helps me to relax. World Book Day is a great way to share ideas within the team about current books we are reading and learn a bit more about each other.


As an avid reader, especially as a child, I was fascinated by how books could take you into another world and develop your imagination. I loved reading the classics including Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl and would often stay up late reading with the lamp on, whilst everyone else was fast asleep. I recently watched the BFG movie and it made me want to read the book again. I look forward to sharing my childhood classic books with my little nieces, who always love a good bedtime story.


I am reading a guide to the human brain, which describes its structure and functions and how it means we can have things such as memory, consciousness, personality, emotions and communication.



My daughter bought me this book for Christmas, I don’t get much time to read these days but I try. I am loving this book because I like Russel Brand. He’s had an interesting life and has had to overcome a lot – it’s about his journey of self-discovery and I guess is a tribute to those he has met along the way.


For me, books are a source of joy and enrichment no matter how young or old or whether you can read, I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. I am currently enjoying dipping into this little book of inspiring essays on Mindful Listening and its role in emotional well-being. An uplifting and relaxing read on understanding a vital social skill for everyday resilience both personally and professionally.


101 Essays that will change the way you think is exactly what you think it is! The book has a range of essays that cover all aspects of life, and is really simply broken down and easy to digest. Its simplicity doesn’t affect how thought provoking it is, if anything it makes you wonder- how did I ever miss that? And because the essays are in bite-size portions, it means you can revisit it at any time you want, at any stage and feel the impact of what it’s trying to say. Would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to do a little reflection and create a positive change in the way they think!


I love books and as a kid I spent hours after hours reading, curled up on my bed. I felt I could fly with the stories, transported in another world. It gave me a taste for travelling. Now, I rarely read a book! But I still believe in the transformational power of books and words. In lockdown I started No Dig Gardening following the teaching of Charles Dowding in his book “No dig Gardening Course 1”. This year I’m reading “Skills for Growing”, to improve my gardening skills. Books are wonderful!


I have always enjoyed reading, especially as a child I loved library trips to pick out a new stack of books. In my 20’s a good holiday was determined by how many books I could read while soaking up the sun. Now reading feels like a luxury with the juggle of family life, so I can appreciate a good book more than ever when I get the chance to read. I’ve just finished The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes, a great book based on true events, set in the wild Appalachian Mountains in Georgia. The narrative revolves around a pack horse library and the female librarians who risk their lives delivering books to remote homes in the mountains, with a romance and murder entwined into the story. I’ve been a fan of Jojo Moyes for a while and have read many of her books, the first being Ship of Brides and since then I’ve been hooked! It’s lovely to see a passion emerging for books in my children, aged 5 and 2, and being able to share reading together.


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