Priya’s Story*

Priya joined the GREAT Project in July 2020 as she felt low confidence and lack of interview experience was holding her back.

Priya joined the GREAT Project in July 2020 as she felt low confidence and lack of interview experience was holding her back. She felt frustrated by contracted roles from agencies and her employment goal was to secure long term employment.  She referred herself onto the project after hearing about the GREAT Project from a friend.

With the encouragement of her Employment Support Officer (ESO) Diana, they looked at a strategy focusing on improving Priya’s confidence as this was the main barrier she faced. She attended several workshops and individual sessions via ZOOM, where she actively participated in discussions and listened to the experiences of the other participants, giving her a big confidence boost.

In addition, Priya attended several workshops ran by the GREAT Employment Coordinator focusing on building self-confidence, understanding her transferable skills and practicing her interview skills.

To give Priya more confidence and experience with interviews she also attended the STAR Techniques for Interviews workshop. The STAR method is a technique of answering behavioural interview questions in a structured manner by describing a specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are discussing. The STAR method helps you explain in a simple yet powerful way how you handled specific work situations and challenges.

One of the GREAT Projects delivery partners, Business in the Community (BITC) provide workshops centred on getting employment, in which Priya attended. She found the sessions invaluable for her confidence and improving her employability skillset. BITC also provide insightful opportunities to access behind the scenes at different organisations to see how they operate. Priya attended several virtual Behind the Scenes visits including care provider Home Instead, The Y Project and retailer NEXT.

Diana, her ESO commented:

My participant has shown incredible resilience and hard work while being on the project. I always knew she would have the confidence that she needed to secure the right employment, it was just a matter of being in a supportive environment, where her confidence could resurface. She has achieved so much while being with us, and I am sure she will take those skills into her new role.”

After 10 months of hard work and determination on the project, she has secured full time employment with Leicestershire Emergency Services in an administrative role.

Priya repsonds:

“Accessing the GREAT Projects provision has changed my mindset and rebuilt my confidence. It’s improved my family life and they’ve helped me achieve my goal. I’d say go for it!”


*pseudonym used