Changing Future Lives Webinar Event

Our Changing Future Lives Webinar took place in March to showcase the GREAT Project and promote what has been available during lockdown from the GREAT Project and looking ahead, with the impact the project has made to individuals and their families demonstrated.

The GREAT Project helps individuals aged 18+ that live in Leicester and Leicestershire, are eligible to work legally in the UK and part of a family as one of the following:

  • A parent with children living at home
  • A parent who has contact with their children of school age or below
  • An adult living with parents or other family members

Invitations for the webinar were sent out to external stakeholders in the Leicester and Leicestershire area who were most likely to be able to refer to the GREAT Project and also internal stakeholders, such as other Leicestershire based BBO projects. The external stakeholders included employees at Leicester City council, Leicestershire County Council, DWP, Jobcentres, Housing Associations and Community Centres.

There were 67 attendees on the day (including 12 members of the GREAT and YES teams).

Webinar Programme

The webinar event lasted 90 minutes and covered the following:

  • Background of the lead organisation – Voluntary Action LeicesterShire
  • The GREAT Project’s team, Delivery Partners and who the project helps
  • Delivery and coping with lockdown (Rasheda & Geoff )
  • Data on our achievements and demographics from 2016 – present
  • Information from each of our delivery partners and the activities they offer participants
  • Our referral and sign up process and what you can do
  • Information on our sister project “The YES project”
  • Round up from the comments box

The webinar was recorded and edited and is now available to watch on YouTube.

Delegate Comments

 “An excellent, informative session. Very impressive the way you and our partners are making a difference to people’s lives. Thank you.”

“Great sessions, Great hearing about what you have been up too. Thanks you.”

“Thank you for the informative introduction to this service :)”

“Very informative. Thank you”

“Thank you … very impressive”

“Thank you for a fantastic session. It’s been great to hear more about the work you’re doing & how we can help people engage with the project!“

“An excellent informative session thanks to all contributions GREAT to hear what everyone is doing”

“Very informative, will definitely will be referring to the project”

“Thank you for all your support.”

“Excellent session and good reminder – will share with my family friends and colleagues – thank you. #staysafe ALL”

“Thoroughly enjoyed today’s webinar. Very useful.”

Webinar Feedback from Delegates

Of the 53 external delegates, we received a 58% response rate, with 31 individuals completing the Survey Monkey questionnaire.

From the feedback, we learnt that 68% of individuals attended because they wanted to learn more about the GREAT Project, with others adding that they wanted to receive an update on the projects performance and hear how individuals they had referred were getting on.

We’re pleased that all attendees left the webinar with a better understanding of the GREAT Project and all that it can offer, with over 68% strongly agreeing to this statement.

We received an overwhelming response to our participant testimonials, with 84% of attendees finding them the most useful. Other things our attendees found useful included the Employment Support Officer video, the work of the delivery partners and hearing the impact that the project is having on the local community.

We gave attendees the chance to share their thoughts with us around what they would like to see at future events, and we’re delighted that most of those in attendance felt our webinar ran smoothly, with plenty of interactive and engaging elements. Some feedback suggested that the webinar covered all the necessary information, but allowing more time at the end for a dedicated Q&A session would be useful.

We were pleased to hear that over 87% of those that attended considered themselves likely, or very likely, to make referrals to the GREAT Project. And we look forward to working with new and current stakeholders and the individuals they support in the future.