Sustainability at Christmas: A GREAT Guide

Not sure how to celebrate christmas and be eco-friendly too? Here at the GREAT Project, we've put together some helpful tips especially for the festive season!

Trees – whether you went for artificial or real this year, you can be resourceful with your tree choice! If you have a plastic tree, try to get as much use from it as you can, to reduce its carbon footprint! If you bought a real tree this year, recycling the tree in January through local refuse sites means you can maximise sustainability.

Lights – did you know LED lights are significantly more efficient than incandescent Christmas lights? This means that not only do you get to save money in energy bills, but you’re also improving your household’s emissions. Ensuring your lights are on at set times, can also help!

Paper – Did you know that some wrapping paper can’t be recycled? If you can, using recyclable papers ensure that your wrapping is sustainable. However, even if you receive gifts in unrecyclable paper, reusing or disposing of it in the right way can help reduce waste.

Food – Christmas is a time for lots of yummy food, but it’s not uncommon to have lots left!  Have a think about how you can use the left overs resourcefully. There’s lots of helpful recipes online for you to look at – from pies, to festive sandwiches!

Gifts – Before throwing away replaced items or unwanted presents, it’s worth asking whether it can be reused, or gifted to someone else. Whether it’s a gift that wasn’t right for you, or some clothes that you’re ready to say goodbye to, you can give them to charity (this way you can be sustainable and help others!).

Decorations – reusing the same decorations each year, means that there’s no need to buy more! However, if you want to create a little bit of extra magic for next year, why not give your decorations a makeover, with eco-friendly glitter?

Cards – Did you know you can reuse received Christmas cards for other things? Why not try making gift tags out of your received cards to give them a new lease of life? Alternatively, you could create Christmas bunting to add to your decorations….

For further help on recycling at Christmas why not visit the Leicestershire County Council’s website, where they have fantastic resources about how to recycle locally here