Tracey’s Story

When Tracey saw the GREAT Project’s leaflets in the Job centre, she decided to get in contact. Tracey’s hope was that the project could help present her work experience to employers, secure interviews and ultimately find paid work.

At the time Tracey was referred to her Employment Support Officer (ESO) Anita, Coronavirus restrictions had taken hold. Although the GREAT project weren’t offering face-to-face services at this point, Anita began supporting Tracey remotely – providing a much appreciated boost of positivity amidst the pandemic’s uncertainties.

My ESO Anita…was really understanding and full of practical help and advice which I could utilise.” – Tracey

Speaking over the phone, Anita provided CV advice and shared information on jobs that might be of interest to Tracey. With Anita’s guidance, Tracey applied for positions, which resulted in her successfully securing an interview – the goal she’d originally hoped for.

At this stage, Anita supported Tracey to develop her interview techniques whilst also introducing her to Business in the Community (BiTC), our project partner who provide Zoom sessions, employer behind the scenes tours and workshops to GREAT participants.

As the pandemic restrictions eased, Tracey was finally able to meet up with ESO Anita within a socially distanced setting. This helped Tracey to prepare for further opportunities that came along, reflect on her progress and personally thank her Employment Support Officer for her support.

Working with Tracey has been an absolute pleasure. She was very receptive to the advice and suggestions given to her. I was able to see her confidence grow during the process.” – Anita

Successfully securing a case manager position, she is settling into her new role which is already due to be extended. At a challenging time, Tracey has also achieved better wellbeing and resilience, in addition to the employment she’d hoped for. Now supporting others in their employment journeys, she feels this was enabled through her own experiences with the GREAT project.

 I hope the organisation [the GREAT project] gets just recognition for what they set out to achieve but especially my ESO Anita who deserves a special mention.” – Tracey