Naailah’s Story

When Naailah joined the project, she’d not long graduated from university and was unsure what she wanted to do. With the project's support, she found work.

When Naailah joined the project, she’d not long graduated from university and was unsure what she wanted to do. She didn’t know what options were out there or what would complement her degree. Initially, Naailah wanted to work in childcare but after a bad experience of working in a nursery, she felt that it wasn’t the best path for her.

“I had a lack of confidence and I didn’t feel motivated after I lost my job. My mental health really got the better of me.”

Naailah felt she was under a lot of pressure to find work as everyone around her, including all her friends, had jobs. Her sister was already a participant on the project and after seeing how it changed her life, Naailah decided to refer herself.

Soon, Naailah met with her Employment Support Officer, Yachna, and together they worked out how the GREAT Project could best support her. Naailah outlined all her barriers, which included lack of confidence and motivation, mental health and anxiety, lack of skills and opportunities and lack of transport. With this in mind, Yachna created a support plan tailored to Naailah’s needs.

Yachna recommended Naailah attend the Work Club sessions, as she’d be able to work on writing her CV and cover letter. She also signed up to various job search sites and regularly applied for different roles. Yachna also referred Naailah to an organisation specialising in health and well-being. Through this organisation, Naailah was able to access online/telephone support and varied workshops covering different topics, like dealing with anxiety.

Naailah also benefitted greatly from a three-day confidence building course, as not only did it increase her confidence, it encouraged her to think differently about challenges she faced. The course is designed to encourage participants to work together to overcome different obstacles. This spurs participants to speak amongst themselves, bringing them out their comfort zone, and in many cases, they make new friends.

“I felt like I wasn’t normal because I felt the way I did, but meeting other people in a similar situation made me realise I’m not alone.”

Yachna also referred Naailah to delivery partner, Business in the Community, who organised a two-week work placement for her at a local homelessness charity. Working in the housing support team, Naailah took to the role easily and was always looking for what else she could do. Naailah’s efforts and hard-work paid off, as at the end of her placement, the employer recommended Naailah keep an eye out for upcoming jobs so she could apply. She received excellent feedback as she fit in well with the employer and the service users also thought highly of her.

A few weeks after her placement came to an end, a position came up with the charity and Naailah applied for the role with Yachna’s support. In preparation for her interview, Naailah had a one-to-one interview skills session with an in-house Employment Coordinator to ensure she felt as confident as possible. The day after her interview, Naailah was successfully offered the job.