Zac’s Story

With our support, Zac found a paid role

Before joining the GREAT Project, Zac was unemployed and living at home with his parents. Zac’s ultimate goal when joining the project was to find employment but acknowledges he had multiple barriers to work, including lack of confidence, skills and opportunities.

“I was struggling and needed extra support to look for work. I didn’t have much confidence or experience, so I knew I needed help with training and qualifications.”

Zac was referred to the GREAT Project by a housing support officer, who informed him of the opportunities that would be available to him as a participant on the project. When Zac signed up, he quickly met with his Employment Support Officer, Yachna, who spoke with him about his barriers and what he wanted to overcome and achieve.

Whilst on the project, Zac accessed a range of workshops and courses that all supported him work towards his goal. Zac attended work club sessions which helped him write a CV and cover letter, and also supported him when looking for a job. These sessions worked in partnership with the interview skills workshop he attended, which allowed him to prepare for interviews as much as possible. These sessions inform participants about what to expect in different interview scenarios and help them prepare for typical questions they may be asked. He also attended a budgeting workshop, helping him to understand how to manage his money.

One of the courses Zac attended, which had a big impact on his life, was the three day confidence building course. Here, participants are encouraged to work together during activities to solve difficult problems. It aims to build their skills in communication, teamwork and confidence, as well as encourage positive thinking.

Zac also enjoyed the behind the scenes tours he attended with delivery partner, Business in the Community. He visited multiple large organisations in different sectors, giving him an insightful look into the different job roles he could consider working in. Through Business in the Community, Zac also undertook a work placement at a local wholesale manufacturer of desserts and cakes.

Zac said:

“The project has helped build my confidence. I’ve learnt that I’m not alone and there are people out there that will help and support me. The impact it’s made in my life is incredible and people should definitely join. It’s a great environment to be in. The team are all lovely people who support you with whatever they can”

Yachna, Zac’s Employment Support Officer whilst on the project, said:

“Watching Zac grow in confidence whilst he’s been on the project has been amazing. When I first met him, his self-esteem was so low, he couldn’t even look at me. His confidence has grown so much that he now feels confident meeting new people. I’m so proud of how far he’s come and wish him all the best for the future.”

Zac has now successfully completed his time on the project and has secured a part-time role at a restaurant local to him.