Harpreet’s Story

We helped Harpreet find a paid role

Before joining the GREAT Project, Harpreet was a stay-at-home mum looking after her young son. Although Harpreet has a degree in fine art print making, she felt she lacked the confidence she needed to find work. Harpreet came into contact with the GREAT Project through her local children’s centre, and explained that she wanted help to build her confidence and general support to help her get back into the world and find a job.

“I didn’t know such services actually existed. I was so glad and happy that I actually took the step to find out what the GREAT Project was all about.”

Harpreet was soon introduced to her Employment Support Officer, Leah, and together, they devised a plan tailored to Harpreet’s needs. She soon began attending the various workshops on offer, including sessions on interview skills and returning to work – covering best practices, what to expect and making a good impression. Harpreet also worked with delivery partner, Business in the Community, and attended a behind the scenes tour at a multinational retail organisation based in Leicester.

Harpreet also attended a three-day confidence building course. Here, participants need to communicate and work together to overcome various tasks. This encourages them to speak freely and form bonds with one another. It’s also good to help them understand what qualities they hold, such as being a good leader or being able to think strategically. Harpreet also utilised the childcare provision the GREAT Project provides, making the sessions far more accessible for her, as childcare was one of her barriers.

Harpreet feels that joining the project benefitted her greatly; she learnt how to converse with others, gained confidence when it came to interviews and learnt what skills she already possessed.

Reflecting on the project, Harpreet said:

“If you’re considering joining a programme like this, then join the GREAT Project. Learning more about the skills I already possessed and talking to others in a similar situation helped me no end. Take the step to join, because there’s nothing to lose but plenty to gain.”

Leah, speaking of Harpreet’s time on the project, said:

“Harpreet is a perfect example of what can be achieved with the GREAT Project’s support. She started as a stay-at-home mum and has now secured a role at one of Leicester’s largest organisations. She knew what she wanted to achieve and worked hard to make it happen, and I couldn’t be prouder of her.”

Harpreet completed her time with the project and secured a paid role at the retail organisation she visited.