Kiran’s Story

Kiran had just been made redundant before he joined the GREAT Project, and felt the lack of experience he had when it came to applying for jobs would set him back

He found out about the project on social media, and after researching what the GREAT Project does and the outcomes it achieves, decided to refer himself.

When Kiran first met with his Employment Support Officer, Yachna, he explained his barriers to work as his lack of skills and opportunities. He also explained that he didn’t have any experience of writing a CV and felt he needed support with this. With this in mind, Yachna factored this into the support plan she created specifically for him.

Kiran first attended work club sessions and here, he was able to access the support he needed with writing a CV and a successful cover letter. Work Club Development Officers emailed Kiran suitable job adverts regularly, which he found really helpful with his job search.

Whilst on the project, Kiran attended an interview for a role but was unsuccessful. However, Yachna reviewed the feedback he received with him so he could improve for the next time. This is something Kiran found exceptionally beneficial, as it helped him learn what to do and see the previous interview as practice. They also talked through the different methods used when answering interview questions, such as the situation, task, action and result (STAR) technique.

With Yachna’s support, Kiran secured a part-time contract as a supervisor at a local convenience store.

Kiran said:

I’m really grateful for all Yachna and the GREAT Project has done. By helping me with my CV and interview techniques, I was able to secure a job and that’s the best part.


Yachna, speaking of Kiran’s time on the project, said:

Kiran was a pleasure to support, and I’m very proud that he secured a supervisory role. I do however, hope he finds a role within IT in the future as I know that’s his dream.