GREAT Participant moves into employment

Nickolette was a single mum of a young child when she met the GREAT Project at Leicester’s Caribbean Carnival.

Nickolette was a single mum of a young child when she met the GREAT Project at Leicester’s Caribbean Carnival. She had severe anxiety disorder and felt like she was in a hole she couldn’t get out of. She spoke with the team about all the support the GREAT Project could offer, and decided to self-refer.

“I had severe anxiety disorder and I couldn’t function properly. I just felt like everything was passing me by.”

Yachna was appointed Nickolette’s Employment Support Officer (ESO), and they soon met to discuss all the barriers Nickolette was facing. When meeting with Yachna, Nickolette explained that she’d tried a lot of methods and tactics herself, but as they hadn’t worked before, she had reservations about whether they would work this time. Yachna devised a support plan specific to Nickolette’s needs, and she soon began taking part in the variety of activities the project offers.

Nickolette attended work club, where she received support around applying for jobs, including writing her CV and personal statement. She also accessed the project’s in-house workshops and took part in the interview skills session. One of the things that really benefitted Nickolette, was the three-day confidence building course. Here, she was encouraged to work with other participants in an attempt to complete a variety of tasks.

Nickolette’s time with the project came to an end when she successfully completed a work placement at a popular UK retailer and secured a job there when she finished her placement.

Nickolette said:

“The project helped me so much and gave me so many opportunities. Everything I did was fun and I was never forced to do anything. Everything was my choice, but I just had support to do it. I’m not burying my head in the sand anymore; I’m an active member of my community instead of letting life pass me by.”

Yachna said:

“Nickolette has come a long way from when I first met her. She suffered with anxiety and now she enjoys getting up every day to go to work. I’m so glad we’ve been able to help and wish her all the best for the future.”

Watch Nickolette’s story here.