A GREAT Project participant moves into paid employment


Emma, a single mother of four, was unemployed before she joined the GREAT Project. Her ultimate goal was to find work, but she was unsure where or how to start. With this in mind, Emma took her first proactive steps towards this goal, and attended a ‘Progress to Work’ event. It was here she found out about the GREAT Project.

“I needed to get work and I needed help with my skills, especially my confidence and CV writing. I just couldn’t do it on my own.”

Emma joined the GREAT Project knowing she wanted to find work, but she wasn’t sure how to overcome the barriers she faced. After discussing the options that would be available to her as a participant on the project, Emma felt she’d finally found the right programme to help. This was further cemented after she met with her Employment Support Officer, Anita, who spoke with her about the career goals she had and presented her with all her available options.

Whilst on the project, Emma firstly attended work club sessions. It was here she was able to look for a role that would be suitable for her, as well as access the help she’d been looking for when it came to writing a CV. After receiving support around looking for a job, Emma attended the confidence building course and an interview skills workshop. Both of these were geared towards building Emma’s confidence in different scenarios and gave her adaptable skills she could take anywhere. The final part of Emma’s journey came when she met with delivery partner, Business in the Community, who organised for her to go on a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour at a local organisation that provides care services to individuals. Here, Emma expressed interest in working in the care sector, and the company invited her back for an interview. Emma was successful in her interview and was offered the role.

Emma had this to say about her time with the project:

“The project made me believe in myself, it gave me more confidence. It helped me get into the work that I want to do forever. Thank you!”

By completing the project, Emma was also quick to recommend the project to others, and said:

“Do it! As soon as possible – the sooner, the better!”

Anita, Emma’s Employment Support Officer whilst on the project, said:

“Working with Emma has been an absolute pleasure. Seeing her go from strength to strength whilst on the project makes me feel immensely proud. The fact she secured a job in an industry she wants to work in just makes her experience that much better.”

Emma is currently enjoying her new role, and is looking forward to what the future may bring.