GREAT participant successfully completes their time with the project

Mother of five, Tracey, left her job and never found the confidence to put herself back into employment. She began to feel like she was no longer herself, isolated and away from everyone. Tracey’s main barrier that she felt she had to overcome was her self-confidence.

“My self-confidence was at an all-time low, my life at home was chaotic, and I was in a truly dark place. I’ve spent so long being knocked back time after time, nothing I said or did was ever right. I basically felt like there was no hope in continuing.”

Tracey, who was unemployed at the time of joining the GREAT Project, was referred by a family support worker. Her goal was to exit the project feeling more confident in herself and when looking for a job, but admits she didn’t have much faith as she’d been let down by different programmes before.

Whilst on the project, Tracey forged a strong relationship with her Employment Support Officer, Emma, who supported Tracey through the entirety of her time on the project, ensuring she knew about all the options available to her. Tracey accessed a range of activities whilst on the project, including one-to-one work club sessions where she received support in writing a CV and a cover letter, as well as the confidence building course.

The confidence building is a three-day programme designed to develop relationships, reflection and resilience. The course is delivered in a way that’s fun and engaging, helping participants come out their shell and build their skills in a variety of things including; teamwork, communication, confidence and positive thinking.

Tracey puts her new found confidence down to the course, and says it’s the best thing she’s done in a long time. Whilst on the training, she met people she has remained friends with and intends to meet up with them regularly.

“I felt like I wasn’t making my own decisions and everything I did was for other people, but this is something I did for me. I woke up in the morning and felt like I had a purpose, and the best part about it all was the fact it was fun. I don’t really remember doing anything fun over my life, but I remember everything I did with the GREAT Project. I’m genuinely upset that my time with the project has come to an end, but I’ve had an incredible experience and met some amazing people. To those unsure or considering joining the project, I’d say do it now, because it’s the best thing you’ll ever do.”

Emma was Tracey’s Employment Support Officer through the entirety of her time on the project and said:

“I am proud to have witnessed Tracey’s accomplishments whilst she was on the project. She has come a long way and managed to overcome barriers through sheer courage and determination. Hopefully now she will believe that her dreams are within her grasp”.

Looking forward, Tracey intends to carry on her job search, utilising all the skills she learnt as a participant on the GREAT Project. She feels more confident in herself and is looking forward to finding a new role.