A GREAT Event: Changing Lives Together


Stories are a great way to tell people about what our project does and how we are benefiting local families. Therefore, we are holding our annual celebration event, Changing Lives Together, on Friday 1 March 2019. The event is to celebrate the achievements of remarkable people who have made efforts to overcome personal barriers, all to improve theirs and their family’s lives.

Nominated by our Employment Support Officers, the winners are from all walks of life, across Leicester and Leicestershire and of all ages. Their achievements are an inspiring lesson for us all in remembering that we can all overcome the challenges that life throws at us.

The event brings together local stakeholders from private sector business, public sector, local authority and the voluntary sector to demonstrate the contribution that stakeholders and businesses have collectively made, with the GREAT project, towards changing and improving the lives of participants. In essence, the event will bring to life, how the project has allowed us to do GREAT things, with GREAT people, for GREAT people.

Vandna Gohil, Executive Manager for the GREAT Project, said:

Many of the participants we support suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem, especially when it comes to finding employment. For us, helping them through their journey to gain new skills, improve their confidence and overcome their barriers is the most rewarding feeling. Many of our participants do go on to find paid employment, and this event is a great way for us to celebrate their efforts.

One of the things we also want to do is to encourage more referrals from organisations, particularly those working with men. So this event provides us with an opportunity to tell others about all the beneficial work the GREAT Project is doing.

GREAT goes behind the scenes at Next

The GREAT team and some of its participants were invited along to spend the day with Next to see how their organisation works. We started the day with an insightful presentation on how Next functions, followed by some fun activities that let us see what Next looks for when recruiting potential employees. We ended the day with a tour around the entire Next campus, and we were all amazed at its size! There’s over 3,000 members of staff at Next’s Head Office, all working in a broad range of industries like finance, marketing, IT and design.

The aim of visiting Next was to help our participants make informed choices about the different departments they could aspire to work in. We believe this is a crucial step in their journey, and are looking forward to our next behind the scenes tour!

Participants complete home improvement skills course

Participant recieving certificate

Enstruct is one of the GREAT Projects delivery partners and focuses on delivering key construction and home improvement skills to participants. Over the course of 10 weeks, participants have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills including tiling, plumbing, bricklaying, electrics and carpentry. In some cases, participants can also undergo training to obtain a CSCS qualification.

Bradley, a participant from The GREAT Project, has recently completed the 10-week course at Enstruct and earned a certificate acknowledging his achievement. Bradley is not only taking away an abundance of skills he didn’t have before, but also a comic book themed storage box he built especially for his son.

Bradley said:

I really enjoyed my time at Enstruct, and I learnt so many core skills whilst I was there. Having now completed the course, I feel so much more confident in my capabilities and I’m excited to look for work in the construction field.

I’m due to enrol on another construction course next year, and I’m really excited about starting it. If it wasn’t for The GREAT Project suggesting I go to Enstruct, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this.

Enstruct is a family-run business based in Leicester, offering training in both environmental and constructional fields. With a dedicated and skilled team, they provide a comfortable environment for participants to develop their skills.

If you think you’d benefit from this home improvement course, fill out our contact form. Alternatively, individuals can text GREAT and their name to 66777 or call 0116 257 5020.