Participants learn new skills with Enstruct

GREAT Participant receives his certificate

We want to celebrate the achievements of two of our participants who have reached the end of Enstruct’s 10-week construction skills programme.

Over the 10 weeks Daniel and Keysha learned about plastering, plumbing, brickwork, carpentry, electrics and tiling, and they had the chance to build their own projects on the programme (see Keysha below with her home made toolbox).

Both participants picked up valuable new skills through the programme; Keysha went on to build her own firepit in her garden, and Daniel’s plumbing work will be used as an example for students on future Enstruct programmes! Well done to both of you.

The Enstruct programme will return in September, and there will be a week-long gardening skills course run by Enstruct in August.

GREAT Participant receives her certificate


GREAT Participant with plumbing