Learn to grow and manage a garden with Enstruct

Learn skills like carpentry with GREAT and Enstruct

For one week this summer, Enstruct will be running a programme to help GREAT participants to improve their gardening skills and even learn a little bit about carpentry.

Horticulture (growing and managing gardens) is a useful skill to help you to grow your own food, improve your health and manage your own garden. Horticultural activities can be fun for the whole family and are also safe and healthy.

What the programme involves

The programme will take place over five days, the first three of which will involve activities like:

  • Digging and preparing the land
  • Coppicing (cutting back trees and shrubs)
  • Growing simple crops from seed, cultivating and harvesting
  • Growing unusual and harder to cultivate crops within polytunnels (plastic tunnels like greenhouses which allow indoor growing)
  • Pruning fruit trees/shrubs
  • ‘Plot to pot’ eating and cooking
  • Composting
  • Habitat and biodiversity awareness

The last two days will involve an introduction to carpentry, including:

  • Understanding of basic terminology
  • Tool use and, maintenance
  • Basic cuts and joints
  • Design and build a planter to take home and use to grow food

When and where

The programme will run on the week beginning 20 August 2018.

The first three days will be at Enstruct’s two acre garden behind Fullhurst Community College, Imperial Avenue, Leicester, LE3 1AH.

The last two days will be at Enstruct’s construction workshop at Faircharm Industrial Estate, Evelyn Drive, Leicester, LE3 2BU.

How to get involved

If you’re a current GREAT Project participant and you think you’d like to be involved in this unique opportunity to learn some new skills, just let your Employment Support Officer (ESO) know as soon as possible.

If you’d like to join the project, or if you are an organisation who works with people who you think would benefit from activities like this, you can check the project critera and contact us to find out more.